Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

  • Cheryl Loeffler
  • 09/25/20
Across two beautiful campuses, Selby Gardens showcases the most exquisite specimens of Sarasota’s tropical landscape. Dedicated not only to botanical conservation but to celebrating Florida’s history through the archeology of native plants, this “living museum” invites exploration and relaxation alike.
A colorful gem in Downtown Sarasota, the 15-acre urban campus is world-renowned for its spectacular orchid display and its mission to preserve exotic species. Focusing on horticultural education and environmental preservation, Selby Gardens boasts lush vibrancy with a unique location between the crystal waters of Sarasota Bay and the luxury high-rises across Palm Avenue. Just south of Sarasota, the recently adopted Historic Spanish Point campus adds 30 acres to the Garden’s footprint and a wealth of cultural impact through the study and protection of indigenous plants.
Natural beauty is a cornerstone of Sarasota’s appeal. Combining scenic views of the water and shoreline with a bright panoply of exotic flowers and foliage, Selby Gardens is at the heart of our tropical paradise. 

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