Moving Tips: How To Make Your Move A Memorable For Your Family This Year

Moving Tips: How To Make Your Move A Memorable For Your Family This Year

  • Cheryl Loeffler
  • 01/8/19

Let’s admit it – the entire idea of moving appears to be more stressful than exciting. It’s not always the easiest and funniest thing to do especially if you’re moving with your family. From transferring schools to packing up all your stuff, there’s a lot of things you need to do before, during and after your relocation. Fortunately, you can ease the stress and anxiety of moving and make it a memorable venture for you and your family by following some tips. Check these out.

1. Inform your children as soon as possible.

When you’ve decided to move, it’s important to tell your kids about the plan so you can prepare them emotionally and physically for the experience. After all, discussing your moving plans in advance can help them understand why you have to begin this new journey together. If you think you’ll have a difficult time explaining the relocation, it’s helpful to describe it as a fun and memorable adventure for the whole family.

2. Involve your family members in the process.

It’ll be more exciting and unforgettable if you get your family members involved in the planning process. This is especially true with your kids as it provides them with a good feeling that they can contribute to what’s happening. For instance, you can think of ways by which all your family members can help out. While you plan to do most of the cleaning and packing yourself, you can request your kids to box up their own toys or sweep the floor after moving some pieces of furniture. The good thing about getting them involves is the appreciation and happy memories they may get for taking a considerable part of the move.

3. Make packing an enjoyable activity.

Let’s be honest – packing can be one of the most tedious parts of moving. However, the task itself doesn’t have to be daunting so long as you get to do it with fun and excitement. When you’re relocating to a new home with your family, packing can be an excellent way to get to know each of them better. For example, you may ask your family members to share something about any item they want to bring with them. Perhaps, you’ll know that such a thing is something they value or maybe a valuable gift you gave them a few years ago.

4. Let your family members know what to expect.

Preparing your family for an upcoming move can be a tough experience to handle. Sometimes, your kids may not understand this whole thing which makes the process more stressful. Moreover, they may be scared to move into a place they’ve never seen before. So, it’ll help if you get to visit your new home before the moving day with your family. Roam them around the places they’re about to experience once you move in. Not only that but you can also treat your visit as a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and make new memories along the way.

5. Create time for goodbyes.

Sometimes, moving means saying goodbye to your former home. While goodbyes can be hard, it can also be a good thing as it gives you and your family members a good sense of closure. For instance, you can throw a goodbye party for your friends, relatives, and neighborhood so you can spend time with them for the last time. Consider this small celebration as a memorable moving experience. For your kids, be sure they will say their goodbyes to their friends and teachers. Also, walk them around the neighborhood so they can see neighbors and close friends before moving.

6. Hire professional movers.

If you have an adequate moving budget, it can be beneficial to seek help from an experienced moving company. Hiring one can be a perfect idea especially if you’re moving with kids. Professional and kids-friendly movers will allow you to take care of your children and create good memories while they will help you pack your possessions, bring them into the moving truck, and deliver them at your new home. What’s good with getting professional help is that the movers will handle the tasks required for physical moving.

7. Prepare fun moving day activities.

There are many ways by which you can make your family move a memorable and enjoyable one. Having fun activities during the big day can help your kids become less resistant to moving. For example, you can let your children bring or offer drinks and snacks to the movers so you can keep them busy. That way, you’ll also be able to help them keep the fun and upbeat attitude throughout the transition.

Final Words

Moving, in most cases, may not be the happiest experience but it doesn’t necessarily have to be torture as well. If you’re planning a family move in New York City this 2019, you should always keep your family’s needs as a priority by hiring Movers NYC. With them on board, following these tips can help make your move a memorable and successful one with no trouble.

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