New Lanes on Ringling Bridge Make Downtown-Lido Connection Even Easier

New Lanes on Ringling Bridge Make Downtown-Lido Connection Even Easier

  • Amy Drake
  • 07/26/22

There's a new project afoot on the Ringling Bridge... pun intended! The narrow lane that had been designated for bicycles only is being widened right now to accommodate more bicyclers as well as the Bay Runner trolley that launched this February. Since the Ringling Bridge is the conduit between the mainland and Lido Key/St.Armands Circle, it's often congested with vehicular traffic that slows to a crawl.

The Bay Runner was introduced to alleviate traffic and frustration, and to lessen the environmental impact of car traffic between popular Downtown spots and its St. Armands destinations. With a dedicated lane wide enough to allow the trolley as well as bicycles, there will be even greater efficiency for bridge passengers even in peak times. 

The new lane will be completed by August, but it isn't the final change to Ringling Bridge traffic management. Without changing the physical structure of the bridge or infringing on the pedestrian walkways that span either side, there are long term plans to maintain two vehicular lanes as well as both a dedicated bike lane and a dedicated shared transit or bus lane. 

Read the full article on Ringling Bridge lanes here. 

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