Selling With a Servant Heart

Selling With a Servant Heart

  • Lisa Rooks Morris
  • 12/6/21
I'm so proud to share the recent publication of my friend and former client, Jim Doyle. Jim's latest book, Selling With A Servant Heart, shares ten lessons for pursuing a sales path that is both profitable and fulfilling. I know personally that almost any job without passion for those you serve will not bring satisfaction over time. I truly love what I do and the opportunity to help clients fulfill their goals, whether that's finding the right home for a family or maximizing the value of a listing. Jim's advice is to embrace the needs of those you work with and, in turn, embrace the enriching outcome of loving what you do. I'm honored that he chose my reflection for the back cover of his book. Jim, thank you for these valuable insights!

"Making the bold move from selling to serving was transformational. After twenty years of selling, I've finally fallen in love with what I do. Jim's method resonates so well with me. This book is pivotal for anyone wanting to dramatically improve their career performance, but the best payoffs extend far beyond the professional realm."

You can order a copy of Selling With a Servant's Heart or read more about it by clicking here.


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