• Lisa Rooks Morris
  • 02/9/21
Love is in the air! Valentine’s Day is this weekend, so it’s time to double down on our adoration for Sarasota. There’s so much to love about being here, but it’s especially nice at this time of year. Beach walks and al fresco dining area the perfect counterpoints to snow and ice elsewhere. Whether you prefer the cosmopolitan feel of Downtown or the relaxed elegance of Longboat Key, this time of year is simply irresistible. One of the things that some people don't realize is that there are quite a few direct flights in and out of Sarasota, so planning to get here for any duration is seamless, especially from the Northeast, Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic. Here are a few of the things we most love at this time of year...
CULTURE... from the modern art museum to public concerts, Sarasota has earned the title 'Cultural Coast.' The arts scene adds vibrancy, even in years like this one with fewer events to attend.
CONVENIENCE... it's hard to surpass the convenience of living in Sarasota. Our downtown offers cosmopolitan appeal but without the hassle of impossible parking or loud transit. Each community is unique, but they are all easy to get to from each other, so enjoying the variety is an amenity no matter where your address is.
ACCESS... we surprised a contact recently with the information that SRQ offers a lot of direct flights to both major hubs and minor markets, so if you fly commercially, getting in and out is incredibly easy. 

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