Rosemary District

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Eclectic. Urban. Modern. Young.

Just a few of the words that describe this emerging neighborhood in Downtown Sarasota. Known to be the arts and design hub of the city, the Rosemary District is home to architectural firms, design agencies, modern furniture stores, technological start-ups, hair studios, and LOTS of new development. With over 30 new construction projects ranging from luxury condos, apartments, and workforce housing, this area of Downtown Sarasota is shaping up as the sort of lively urban environment that offers something for everyone.
Serving as a vibrant bridge from the downtown core through residential areas, the Rosemary District neighborhood is a unique blend of hipster youth and prestigious luxury. The Rosemary District presents a new vibe not found anywhere else in Sarasota. Between the newness of the modern buildings breaking ground, the vacant lots that tickle the imagination to their potential use, and the blending of historic charm and colorful newness of community painted murals adorning aged walls, it is certainly a sight to be seen.
Young millennials have flocked to the area because of its rich potential and urban apartment offerings. Hip favorites include Spice Station, Uptown Café, Artisan Cheese Shop, Mandeville Beer Garden, and the Overton which also serves as the district's downtown square. As part of the original 1885 plat of the Town of Sarasota, The Rosemary District was a lively African American settlement, which adopted the name Overtown in the mid-1920s. The 1920s real estate boom resulted in an abundance of community activities, which many of the historic sites are still standing today!
The area officially became the Rosemary District in 1994 in honor of the historic Rosemary Cemetery. 2014 marked the advent of the new Rosemary District, now a 128-acre neighborhood encompassing Fruitville Road to 10th Street and Orange Avenue to the Tamiami Trail, with a new zoning overlay that allowed for increased density. Developers flooded the area bringing fresh ideas and a new vibe to the neighborhood. Today the Rosemary District is the fastest growing area of the city of Sarasota with an anticipated population of over 2,000 residences!

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